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23 July 2007


You mentioned the various sources of AutoCAD 2008 that the service pack applies to. We are sourcing ours from Revit MEP Suite 2008 (32-bit product). Does the service pack also apply to this source as well?


Thank you for the comment and reading the blog Between the Lines.

This SP1 beta is currently only for the AutoCAD 2008 installed with Revit Structural and Revit Architectural Suites as well as plain AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008. Other versions of the Service Pack will be released later.


I have reinstalled LT 2008 together with SP1, however the product has if anything become more unstable, crashing very frequently mostly when copy move select is involved.

I am running Vista on a Sony laptop with NVIDIA G force 7400 graphics card.

I am sorry to hear you are having problems. Did you have problems before the Service Pack? Please make sure to send in the CER reports when you crash and enter your email so I can look up the problem.

This Service Pack should make your product much more stable. Also make sure you do not have one of the 3rd party LISP or LT Feature changing software.


Is there a way to force autocad to load in 32bit on a 64bit pc?

There is no magic switch. With AutoCAD 2008 you get 32bit and 64bit on the DVD you but must install the proper version for the platform you are using. The software code in 64bit is written and compiled specifically to that platform.


Where is the service pack for AutoCAD 8 LT

Does this SP1 works with AutoCAD 2008 P&ID?
this is my problem
Fittings do not break lines – This is an erratic issue that pops up now and then but once we’ve got it, it doesn’t go away. The only solution is to live with it or start the drawing over, unfixable!


If you are actually referring to AutoCAD LT 2008 (there is no LT8) the service pack can be found at http://support.autodesk.com

Shaan Hurley


I am not aware of any Service Packs for AutoCAD P&ID but will look into this. AutoCAD P&ID is not listed in the readme for the AutoCAD 2008 SP1 as a product it is supported for.

Ursula has a blog for AutoCAD P&ID:

A few of us here have experienced unusual changes in our drawings where lines that were offset from another eventually become unparallel with each other. Also lines that were connected using osnaps eventually become unconnected. These drawings, drawn by long term CAD professionals using AutoCAD's tools, suddenly looks like something drawn by a first year rookie with no training or a brain! My first guess is the coordinates of these line points are being truncated when the drawing is saved and not being redrawn as it was originally created, but I'm not sure if this is it or how to determine what else it could be. Any ideas out there?? We're using AutoCAD 2006, but have seen this same phenomenon in earlier versions as well.


More details would be needed but perhaps asking what the person saving is using might shed light on what he may be changing to the drawing. Lines shouldnt change their coordinates nor be truncated later unless they are edited/changed or UCS/WCS is changed.

Hello there, as Shaan I also run Vista, but on a DELL, i also find great difficulty enlarging or moving imported pictures or just large designs, the program just does not want to know about it, and decides to crash, at one time it crshed on me eight times with-in two hours of starting the program up, do you know of anything that can stop this from happening even if it means upgrading or degrading, as it seems to work better on XP


I would consider Vista SP1 as there are many performance and problems solved including one with moving large files.


Thank you, I shall give that a try

Thank you, I shall give that a try

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