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24 May 2007


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Hi Shaan
I am having mixed results with the extension at the moment. I haven't fully tested yet, but am getting an arx load error when inserting a Google image into AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008. Details available at


Thank you for the feedback. I also let the developer know by emailing the feedback email address of

I know of on other person seeing this and they are also using a AutoCAD based vertical product. with it being a holiday weekend it is fairly hard to get much of a solution or team contacts until next week.


A Few things to check:

* Check the documents available for download like the ReadMe for details on the extension.

* Make sure you installed the proper setup exe. Example: not installing the 2007 version in the Zip file instead of the 2008 for your 2008 based product.

* Make sure the files including (AeccDWGToGE.arx) are located in your AutoCAD root directory or support paths.

* If the files are installed in your root AutoCAD directory as default C:\AutoCAD 2008\, then use the AutoCAD command APPLOAD to load the file AeccDWGToGE.arx and you should be set for the commands to work.

Thomas the developer has fixed the two loading problems over the holiday weekend and the updated extension will be posted shortly for download today on Autodesk labs and I will mention in here.


I cannot get this to install correctly. When I try to load AeccDWGToGE.arx it says it is unable to load. I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and repaired to no avail.


I have posted since this one.

Make sure you are installing the correct verswion on the correct supported products.

You can also provide feedback to the team at


It does work with Map after doing this

When I publish my drawing as a KMZ and view - with "publish text" turned OFF, everything works great. If I turn on "publish text" - GE gives me a parse error. Has anyone else had this problem?


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