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19 April 2007


And notice, it doesn't look like there is any cut reinforcement in the slab. The rebar must have been on defpoints!

You guys are easily amused by a little photoshop trickery.

Amusement is still better than boredom. :-)

I don't think there is any photoshop trickery here. Looks like someone needed an opening and core drilled to create it. I have seen this done in 6' thick concrete walls, the opening was 12'W X 20'H. Once framed the "rev cloud" no longer showed.

The photo is too realistic to have been photoshopped, but I don't think the ref cloud was cut either. I'm willing to bet they used cardboard tubes, judging by the quality of the butt wedges and the build-up around the bottom edges.

Though, there is the break on the right side that might suggest drilling. Either case, the photo is much to high quality to have been faked.

I am quite sure it is photoshopped. The surface shown inside the cloud cut is way too smooth yet the cut edge is way too sharp without fractures.

Good joke anyway.

It's not photoshopped, it's drilled out. We just did exactly the same thing on a project in a substation floor because jackhammer was not permitted and saw was not long enough.

For some reason the photo is turned upside down.. don't know who started that but the picture is real.


Theirs no re-bar because its right on sand grade (Thats sand right in the hole).


In short there was a flood in subway under Helsinki main railway station. Reason behind this was a broken mainline pipe that flooded to subway station trough some mysterious hole that no body have no idea why it have been drilled there in the first place.
This is purely speculation but it resembles quite much revision cloud.

Latest example of revision cloud mistake from Helsinki underground. Drilled revision cloud were found after central water pipe broke apart and threw water all over the underground station.

Looks like one to me as well but hole saws would do this as well. Many times they do not have a large enough hole drill so use multiple small diameter cuts.

Millions in damages due to revision clouds being drilled into concrete.

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