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17 April 2007


i need help i cant use the 3ds export in autocad 2008

i download the file but not work for me


The instructions on installing are located in the ReadMe file.

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Is it possibel to use new 3dScout in Autocad 2006. Or what do I have to get.

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Andreas Schaffner

The original command is still there in AutoCAD 2006. You can just enter the 3DSOUT command or use File > Export and change the file type to 3D Studio (*.3ds).

How can I do it if I need to export from Acad 2010 to Cinema 4d?, i use to do it by using Sketcup Pro, and I export to .3ds format so I can open it in Cinema4d.

But is it possible to do it just from acad 2010? I've got the education version. I'm architecture student. Maybe this is the problem..


The 3DS format is a discontinued format for technological reasons and replaced with FBX in current AutoCAD as well as the best exchange formats are of course DWG and DXF. You could also use STL export.

If you are a strudent you can get all the latest releases of Autodesk products and get more export formats like FBX in AutoCAD and perhaps play with 3ds Max for free for 3 years. http://students.autodesk.com

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i need 3dsout in autocad 2013 architecture

The 3DSOUT command is no longer available and the .3ds file type depricated for many reasons.

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