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28 March 2007


Thanks Shaan. That's too bad because the majority of people are just going to copy and paste the URL. What I have noticed lately while searching through old newsgroup posts, is that many of the URL's pointing to KB articles are invalid. That's a shame because there is a tremendous amount of info archived out there and it just became a little less useful.

BTW: I always link to KB articles using the KB number... (a bit different than your example)


Thanks Shaan!

The autodesk website has been like this for at least 8 years and with each major update there are broken links but using the MURLs is the safest method to prevent the link breaking. Although every effort is made to not break links they do occur especially when there are of tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of content items all categorized in the website. You can always use the contact Us option for website feedback.


Your comment actually points to a really good example of why not breaking people's bookmarks is challenging.
support.autodesk.com as a website ceased to exist about four years ago, and the url format you're using would have broken in the time since.
Use the current http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=TS21336

As I said efforts are made to prevent broken bookmarks, but you might want to start using the 'new' format.

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