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15 February 2007


Hi Shaan,
Any word on a 3DS Max 9 update for Vista?

BazzaCAD, Barry

So why dose Autodesk not just bite the bullet and provide a Hotfix for all the current supported products. ????

There are some of us out here that can not afford the latest of there costly packages and are happily using and competing in the marked with older but currently supported packages

User support and commitment when it comes to the subject of Vista is "well just go out a get your self a copy of the New product release that’s Vista Compatible" or "Tough you'll have to update to 2008 or just keep ,your soon to be obsolete, XP"

Not much of a support or commitment to the dedicated Autodesk product users is it and they expect us to support them by enforced subscriptions if we want to keep current.

When Vista was announced the Autodesk board must have adopted the Ostrich Position, heads in the sand, in unison with in seconds as the company have had long enough to prepare for Vista and to prepare hotfixes and the like but no it was “Lets not make a Hotfix let us force the user to buy a new version and make us even richer”


No official testing word yet on this but I would expect it soon. Vista is a bunch of deep changes not some simple test and support operating system. I wish it were easy but before we can say and committ to support we must do the testing.



Testing and supporting a completely new operating system is no more trivial than expecting your car that was designed for unleaded fuel being able to run diesel or jet fuel in it as well.

Applications are developed on known operating systems and when the APIs and all of the underlying code changes it takes a great deal of work and testing before we can support it. It is nothing sinister just the ways things are in any large software application development. If it were simple we would love that and be happy if we had to do nothing and it just worked as you would want but nothing is ever that easy. It is hard to support something for past products that were developed long before the new operating system.

We are offering an update for AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2007 in the near future to make it compatible (free of charge) but it does take a fair amount of testing and work as there are no OpenGL drivers in Vista which is what AutoCAD 2007 relied on but we in 2008 added a Direct3d driver.

You are not anymore forced to upgrade to 2008 products than you are Vista. You can continue to run on the supported operating systems as you are now but if you want to use Vista, then you have some choices to make regarding your current hardware that also may have been developed for operating systems excluding Vista and software applications not just Autodesk products that may require updates or some may just not support Vista except in new versions where the code was developed with Vista compatibility.

Imagine designing a building now and expecting it to magically meet a future building or seismic code for which you do not know the requirements now, not so easy but I would not blame the architect for the lack of compliance with something they knew nothing of.


It would be appreciatecif you would credit the correct coments to the correct poster.


"Testing and supporting a completely new operating system is no more trivial than expecting your car that was designed for unleaded fuel being able to run diesel or jet ........"



"So why dose Autodesk not just bite the bullet and provide a Hotfix for all the current supported products. ????

There are some of us out here that can not afford the latest of there costly packages and are happily using and competing in the marked with older but currently ......"


I was only responding to your post tankie43.

You have expectations that when large technical changes are made to the operating system affecting applications that it is either magic or easy to make all old things compliant with the new which is simply not true. There is a great deal of work and in the case of AutoCAD we are providing Vista support for the current and new release but it is not possible to support all older versions even though they may run with elevated Vista UAC admin permissions somethings will just not work as they were designed for the older operating system.

My suggestions, not just about Autodesk applications is if you intend to upgrade to a completely new operating system is you need to make sure first you have the proper hardware then the software as there are not many that will be working for free to update older versions of software just for a new OS when the current versions are being supported. I have heard some application developers will not even be updating their current versions I read this about SketchUp from Google yesterday and you will need to wait for a new upgrade as there will not be a update for older versions. This is fairly common with large OS upgrades as applications rely on core versions of APIs and technology and when the version changes sometimes it is like re-writing many large parts of your apllications and testing them. At least for AutoCAD we chose to go back a prior release for our current customers.

If you like what you have then stay with the current OS, products, and hardware you have now and you can run those until the machine dies. I even have an old 386 with AutoCAD 2.5 running on it but it will never be updated for Vista nor will R14 for that matter as they were developed a longtime before Vista was a idea in Redmond.

Technology is a fast moving train and we would prefer there to be no interuption but in the case of an OS, there is no simple thing we can do except to support the latest versions for Vista compliance which is a large project by itself. This is the same as other OS upgrades we have seen like Windows 2000, Windows XP and a descision we have to make to support the latest for our current customers.



I would not expect AutoDESK to go to great lengths to optimize a DOS version of one of their products for use on Vista. However, I do find that I can run products such as AutoCAD 2000 by using the OS's compatibility options and running the applications in the compatibility mode for an earlier OS version.

As I understand it, the primary issue is the lack of OpenGL drivers in Vista. There's no way of getting around that, I take it? I'm rather taken aback by this discrepency, which is going to result in a significant amount of effectively wasted time by AutoDESK staff in order to satisfy customers who recently purchased their software.

The change appears rather disruptive for developers, as this change doesn't just affect programs developed five years ago, it impacts what was current shortly before the new OS was released.

Given that the OS has been in development for some time, was AutoDESK surprised by the lack of driver support? I'd assume so, given that it was not prepared to release a hotfix at the time of release. Or was it expected that that extra work for no additional income would have to be carried by the company, but it was simply put off?

Is it possible for me to run my copy of 2007 on a vista machine at all atm? No form of emulation for those drivers? If I have a user at my business who is using 2004 and whose primary tasks require him to use the most recent versions of programs (vista), I take it that he'll have to use a dual OS system?

Can anyone tell me is it better to go with Windows XP or Windows Vista for AutoCAD 2008.
I am trying to build a coputer to start a training course, and in the future work with, and wanted to know wether the industry is moving toward vista or is XP better.


It is actually a personal preference between Vista and XP as they are bothy strong for diffent reasons. I personally prefer Vista for its security and stability as well it being the current Operating System from Microsoft it gets more support and future updates than the older ones. It would be best to build your machine with that Vista in mind especially for the hardware and graphics drivers compatibility.


Is there anyway that I can get my autocad 2000 to run on vista?

i have a autodesk 2006.wheni try to instal it on windovista home premium then it does not work. can any one tell to me if any patch or updates available so i can run my autocad on window vista. or i need to instal xp for this software.


Only AutoCAD 2007 with a update or AutoCAD 2008 are supported to work with the new Microsoft Operating System. Many changes were made that affect AutoCAD and AutoCAD 2006 was developed before Windows Vista so we could not forsee the changes coming back in 2004/5 when AutoCAD 2006 was being developed. I would suggest keeping AutoCAD 2006 on supported Operating Systems such as Windows XP. If you must use Windows Vista you will need to look for AutoCAD 2007 or 2008.

When upgrading for a new Operating System you should always check for the latest compatable hardware to run it on as well as the latest compatable versions of software you use to run ontop of it.


So, bottom line, does autocad 2000 work in windows vista in compatability mode? Does it work well and fast? I am basically a home user of Autocad with absolutely no reason to upgrade for a long time. Microsoft is no longer supporting my win 98 OS so I'm getting almost forced to upgrade.


You say you are on Windows 98 and don't want to upgrade as a home user and that is fine. But just like if you want or need to update your operating system or hardware AutoCAD LT 2000 was developed years before Vista and there may be some problems. My advise is when upgrading the OS, check the hardware and best to upgrade hardware at that time and also make sure your applications support the new hardware and OS.


That's what I am trying to find out Shaun. I have an old computer and OS and am looking to upgrade. A home user who uses Autocad basically for hobby use is not going to upgrade to the latest version. I am trying to find out if my version of Autocad 2000 will run on any of the Windows Vista PC's which are all I see for sale. I found that many PC's at work use Windows XP and Autocad 2000 so I know that it is possible to run it under XP in compatibility mode.

That brings up another point, at work they use SolidEdge for new stuff and have Autocad 2000 for some uses and for old prints. If they upgrade to Vista and have problems they may (will probably) just convert old prints, work around, and otherwise just totally eliminate Autocad. I wonder if SolidEdge gives better compatibility? It's not just home users. Anyway, I have put off buying a pc for now, but will need to soon. I still need to know if I can run Autocad 2000 on a Vista pc, and if so how.

do you know if AutoCAD LT '98 will run on windows vista?


AutoCAD LT 98 is not supported on Vista and will most likely have issues as it was released many years before Windows XP and Vista. It may run, but I would expect some things may not work properly or be optimized.



I hope someone can help. I have a colleague that has the full version of AutoCad 2007, I need to purchase a license for AutoCad LT 2009 for another colleague. Please can you confirm if there are any know compatibility issues as they both will be working on updating building plans?




You should be fine as the DWG format is the same between the two versions you mentioned.


Will Autocad2K runs on Windows Vista OS? Do I need a special patch to able to run AC2K on WV?
Much appreciates and thanks in advance,


AutoCAD 2000 was developed a few years before Microsoft even started Windows Vista development and as such it is not supported to work on Windows Vista.

Official statement in Knowledge Base

Best Regards,

my company is trying to a 5 user pack autocad lt 2006. all of our company computer/laptops are windows vista. when we try to use the autocad program we receive a msg saying there are compatibility issues.. we tried to down grade one of our laptop to windows xp but we had so many problems with the operating system and caused the computer to crash. Please is there a patch out there or must we spend the 5000 for 2008.

AutoCAD LT 2006 is not certified or designed for Windows Vista. The 2007 version with an update and 2008 and 2009 are certified for Windows Vista. AutoCAD LT 2006 was released in 2005 before Windows Vista.


Best Regards,

Need to know if i can install AutoCad 2004 with H2ONet on XP or i can install AutoCad 2004 on Windows Vista?


AutoCAD 2004 is not supported on Windows Vista as it was developed long before Windows Vista. It might run in Windows Vista using the XP Compatibility mode but that would be an unsupported environment.

I am not aware of what H20NET is or impact ot AutoCAD.


Hi, one solution that you can do is to run the program as Administrator, you can use the right-click and click over run as administrator or enter in the advance mode on the shorcut or program and click over advance options and click on run as Administrador, so this way you can allways run as administrator and use the program.

I face one of similar problems on compatibility issues between ACAD Lt 2006 and Vista Home basic. We have 5 licenced copies of 2006 LT. compatibility issue between in properties dialogue box is also not becoming applicable. Any new patch developed to resolve this problem?

I am trying to install AUTOCAD 2000i on a PC with a Windows XP O.S. It installs ok however the color pallet is not as "complete" as I expect it to be. I tried to set the mode to 256 colors but when AUTOCAD is opened up, it looks like it is running in 16 bit. Do I need a new graphics card or a newer version of AUTOCAD?

I have been using Windows ME running AutoCAD for years. My old computer has so much other software that is expensive that I have decideed to keep it working. I have just bought a new Dell with Vista. I had hoped to load my CAD, Photoshop and other proigrams -- but alas, I have just found your site! I should have gotten XP ???? Would that have worked? Dell gave me that option on one of their computers.
Is it out of the question to use my old 2000 AutoCAD on my new computer? (sounds like it)


This is the quandary technology, new hardware and OS, and old software. When you choose to upgrade hardware and the OS, make sure to consider the software you use that may be impacted as well. Older software was developed and designed long before Vista was even a thought in anyone's mind. You could try it in compatibility mode in Vista but there are quite possibly issues that will be found but perhaps they may not be major ones for you.

Best Regards,

Is there any AutocadLT 2007 PATCH for win xp 64


AutoCAD LT 2007 was not developed or designed for 64bit. AutoCAD LT 2008 and newer are developed and supported for both 32 and 64bit.

Shaan Hurley

be trying to run autocad R14 on vista. installs fine but I have found that 2 errors come up ie: smart heap libary & bad mem pointer can u help


While AutoCAD R4 is not officially supported on Windows Vista, I did post a blog article on how to run it. Please see: http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/2008/07/autocad-r14-and.html.

Best Regards,

Does AutoCad 2009 support software when we have a Remote Installation Server?


AutoCAD 2009/2010 doies not support a Remote Installation Server.


I am wondering if Autocad R14 would work with any newer operating systems above windows XP, e.g. windows XP 64bit, windows vista...
thank you...


Although there are some AutoCAD R14 issues with newer unsupported Operating Systems, you can run AutoCAD R14 on Windows Vista with an updated DLL.

I documented this on this blog: http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/2008/07/autocad-r14-and.html

Best Regards,

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