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20 February 2007


MentalRay? how can I use these renderer? I`ve been hearing about these but never seen it! Please if someone knows how to use it in autocad 2007 please tell me!

mentalray is the technology also known as the rendering engine in the RENDER of AutoCAD using the RENDER command. It is also the rendering engine for 3ds max and most Autodesk products. You render 3D objects with it.

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That's it Masaru, I'm also Seeking an answer to this problem, where can We find an appropiate information about AUTOCAD LIGHTS AND RENDERING.


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For learning how to Render in AutoCAD 2007+ which under the hood uses mentalray technology, look in the Help, search the web and Youtube, join AUGI, as there are many online training sources for this topic.




There are also some great books you can purchase on AutoiCAD and rendering.

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Where might I find these books on rendering? I currently am using: AutoCAD 2008 Creating and Presenting 3D Models, Autodesk Official Training Courseware. I would like to learn more about lighting in particular, and this book only covers basics of point and spot lights. Thanks!


There are books that cover AutoCAD rendering in portions of their books like the ones from AutoCAD 2009 & AutoCAD LT 2009 Bible from Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD for Dummies by Lee Ambrosius, and Mastering AutoCAD by George Omura that contain tutorials and details on rendering in AutoCAD.

There are also some very advanced books on lighting and rendering theory of mentalray renderer which is the rendering engine of AutoCAD but that is way technical on topics you may never ever use unless writing shaders for the renderer.

In other replies to this post there are many resources and great tutorials on the blogs and web.

Autodesk also has a bunch of content like this free rendering in AutoCAD 2009 training with sample files. http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=10975906

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