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02 January 2007


I was trying to fix the problem of the ARX_ERROR thing with suggested Hotfix.

However the hotfix seems to have done some really hot fixes with my ADT 2005. many of the basic commands are now missing.

example from command line:
Unknown command "RECTANG"

Is there any even hotter fix to fix the hotfix.

I don't believe the absence of the rectang command on your system is a result of this hotfix. I think it could be from another problem. I would try to do a repair installation via the control panel;Add/Remove programs with the original installation disk.

Bill DeShawn

is there a hotfix that can be applied to the 2007 application for this fault? there really should be...

if i am distributing 2007 cad files to a client who uses an earlier version, why should i have to ask them to run a hotfix on their software for an issue that is as a result of the flawed software i happen to be using?


I understand your frustration. What this is, is that your drawing with newer objects such as architectural objects that were newer than the definitions in the older version oif the software software thee other party was using. In order for the older version to understand the newer objects in your DWG an updated file is required.

do you apply the hotfix for the version you are working in or the version that the drawing was created in? i have adt2004, i applied the 2004 hotfix and nothing changed.



You install this hot fix on your machine for the product version you have installed not on a per drawing basis. The ReadMe document located at the same download location has the details and hopefully resolves your isssue.


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