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21 September 2006


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"Toot your horn" as much as you like, it’s deserved. I blame you for inspiring my own blog.

When I posted that first tentative test post in 03/2004 had no idea where it would lead. So far have met readers in New Zealand, USA, Australia, & Seoul (in person) and many others virtually which is really cool. I hope to meet many more!

There seems to be a problem with RSS feed for blogs. Links in the feed don't go to the article of the site home page, correct links should be something like and not what is given in the feed, which is

There is also a XML tag missing in each of the posts in these feed, making sorting by date impossible...

Thank you for the feedback.

Patrick, I will report the RSS feed issue to the web team. In the future you can also report issues on Autodesk web sites or products at

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