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28 September 2006


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now i finish installed the autocad but it never run this software then i uninstall this software but my problem is the software connot be remove, now i want to remove this autocad 2007,please give some idea to fully un install this software autocad2007


There are many missing details to focus a solution such as what OS, did you reboot after install, did you modify or delete folders, have you tried reinstalling then a proper uninstall as that should remove it.

I wish I had a exact solution for you but unless I know more about the system and actions to install and uninstall it is difficult.

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I want to install 2009 Autocad but since my previous version 2007 is not uninstalling, i have removed the whole directory, registry, and all its content files manually but still AUTOCAD 2007 is being shown in the Add/Remove list.

And the new installation doesn't proceed unless the previous one is uninstalled.

The message appears as follows :

Error 1606 could not access network location Autodesk\Autocad 2007\R17.01\enu\

Please suggest the solution.

I am not sure of the cause and it could be many things and sometimes AutoCAD needs to point back to the original install image which might be your case and now the network install image is gone.

You can try this as a last resort

1. Download and install the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from Microsoft:

2. Launch Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

3. Remove the AutoCAD

4. Delete the folder where AutoCAD was installed

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