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28 September 2006


It seems like Autodesk would have started to work with 64-bit hardware when it became widely available with the AMD Opteron/Athlon 64 and MS Windows XP 64 bit, (and now their other 64-bit operating systems.) I won't even go into talking about dual core and quad core processors. The additional addressable memory would be a god send for so many people using Autodesk's software. I wonder how many people get kicked out of AutoCAD ( I interact with people that use Architectural Desktop and Landdesktop/Civil 3d) do to memory issues.


Thank you for your comment.
It is difficult to tell if we are early or late as 64-bit machines are still few and far between and in most cases AutoCAD memory is not beyond 3 gig limits of 32-bit although as you point out some of the vertical AutoCAD products can take more memory but it all depends on many factors and practices. "Widely adopted" is a very subjective term as I am not sure 64-bit is considered widely adopted as most machines (over 85%) shipping are 32-bit today. 64-bit has been around for years even before the AMD Opteron and jumping on each flavor that came out could have been a very expensive mistake. We have to be responsible and make sure that there is a standard and that our customers are actually going to use it before committing resources to develop and migrate a bunch of code that affects many people, applications, and customers. When Opteron first came out there was no operating system or compilers that were not beta versions but we were involved with both Intel and AMD all during the process. It had to make sense for AutoCAD and be something standard not two different 64-bit versions as was the case with Itanium and Opteron and compiled and ran on beta platforms only. Timing is a difficult thing and can make or break you. So when the time was right we made available a 64-bit AutoCAD to customers and our developers for them to adopt it.

Personally I see a 128-bit floating point support on a CPU as being a higher priority in a larger impact on design than the expanded memory. With a greater decimal precision you can get greater coordinate support instead of the CPU rounding at 16 either side of the decimal as is the current Intel/AMD platform. To Intel and AMD the 128-bit floating point is not a priority because those that need it are a very small minority in the CPU customer market.

We are always listening to the customers, market, and technology for what makes sense and if our customers are asking for it, you can bet we will do our best to deliver.


My office is transitioning to Revit Architecture 2008 Suite as part of the move we've purchased a few 64 bit Quad Cores, until we've installed the new software AutoCad 2005 was installed on the machines and are working fine except for the inability to find the Add a Plotter Wizard. This has resulted in the inability to print to paper or PDF. Is this a function of incompatibility with the 64 bit or an installation problem?



You can get AutoCAD 2008 if you intend to run a native and supported 64bit AutoCAD verison.


Update: There is now a shipping 64 bit version of AutoCAD 2008.

Hi, how can I run the 32 bit AutoCAD on a 64 bit hardware with a 32 bit operating system? Is windows xp an 32 bit operating system? I have windows vista and I can't run it... Please help


MAke sure you are installing the proper version on the proper Operating System. You can run 32bit AutoCAD on a 32bit operating system. You cannot install the 32 bit AutoCAD on a 64bit Operating System nor the 64bit AutoCAD on a 32bit Operating System.

AutoCAD 2008 and 2009 have both 32bit and 643bit AutoCAD versions when you purchase AutoCAD.

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Have you seen any problems with running AutoCad 2002 in emulation mode.

I am needing to go to 64 bit so that I can realize the increased memory allocation. At the very least, I would need to be able to open and navigate in a DWG file for dimensions while actually doing the real work in a 3D solid modeling program like SolidWorks.


While we could disagree on "real 3D" work as I prefer AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor but using a 7 year old AutoCAD on 64bit is not going to work well.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT currently supports 64bit in the current releases.

Best Reagrds,

my father is currently using AutoCAD 2005, and it would be difficult to swithc to newer version as he should get used to a different software. he just got a new computer and has XP 64bit. what exactly are the incompatibilities that will come out? i mean, is there a clear idea of what will not work and what will? thanks.

Hi, maybe you've seen my question already but I'm more than confuse.
I;ve bought a autcad 2008 (32bit) a few mounth ago, and now I've bought a new pc (hp Itochsmart) which has a 64 bit processor, and now I can;t install my autocad 2008 on my new pc.
Pls tell that exist a way (cheap one) to install it because it will cost me some dollars again and I don't have it.
tnx in advance.


You should have both the 32bit and 64bit version of AutoCAD 2008 on the DVD. Just install the 64bit version on your 64bit Operating System. There is no extra cost involved.

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Hi Shaan,
I have AUTOCAD 2008 with a set-up file dated 2/12/2007. I just got a 64-bit machine, which says my 2008 cannot be installed because it is 32-bit. Did the dual 32-bit and 64-bit version come out after that date?

I have autocad 2000 and it will not install on my laptop that has the 64 bit, windows Vista as the operating system.

When I try to install my autoCAD it gives me this message,
"The program or feature "\??\E:\setup.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibity with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available".
Unfortunately, I do not have the income to afford another newer version of autoCAD.

Is there a free download that I can download that will allow me to install my autoCAD on my new laptop?

You are using an older version of AutoCAD prior to 64bit support. The only option since you upgraded your OS, but not your software is to try emulation in Windows. There is no way to just add 64 bit native support to an old software in 32bit as it is an entire re-write of the software to support 64bit which we did do in a later release and have for several releases now.

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