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08 June 2006


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» 85% Do Not Enter an Email in Their Error Reports from Between the Lines
That's right when a AutoCAD 2007 user crashes (hopefully not) they are presented with a Customer Error Report "CER" dialog. These come into the AutoCAD development team and are researched for the cause. These are very important to Autodesk to [Read More]

» Why you should submit those error reports... from RobiNZ CAD Blog
Why you should submit Autodesk CER Reports : [Read More]

» Autodesk Products Customer Error Reporting (CER) Now Does a Roundtrip! from Between the Lines
Now when you crash an Autodesk product not only is the important details are sent to Autodesk and later an email notification if you entered your email address when a fix is available, but now you can see immediately if there is a fix for this issue. [Read More]

» AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009 Update 1 (Service Pack) from Between the Lines
AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD LT 2009 Update 1 has been released to customers to improve the product experience. [Read More]

» Autodesk Research on Command Usage from CIP Data from Between the Lines
The Autodesk Research group has been slicing and dicing data to better understand the top commands and then the top 3 following commands after that command and even links to the predicted next command based on the data. [Read More]

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