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23 March 2006


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Gracias por la pagina esta demasiado buena

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Easy & Very gooood software.


I downloaded and tried out the new Autocad 2008, I am not sure I like this version. It is a lot different in appearance than the older version, and at first I found it difficult to work with. It will take alot of time to adjust to the new version. Things aren't where I remember. I'll have to take a class just to learn the new version.


Yes there are some differences and they can take time to adjust to. while some find it a natural and easy interface it is those of us who have used AutoCAD for years that have a more difficult time adjusting to changes. You can set the current workspace to AutoCAD Classic and get back to a familiar look. We felt it was important to offer flexibility so you can make the choice and customize.

We have made changes the UI of AutoCAD several times through the past 26 years, this is just one more modern update.

Best Regards,

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I am a trainer of autocad I learn many more coments and teaching very well

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