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10 May 2004


I just spent a few weeks evaluating mid-size copiers for our firm. I believe Autodesk is missing an opportunity in this market. One of the "selling" features the salespeople were touting was the ability to scan jobs into pdf files (or email pdfs, or [fill in the blank] with pdfs). Every single one of the vendors blinked and then glazed over when I mentioned dwf. Every salesperson mentioned licensing issues with pdfs, but the copier industry is oblivious to the dwf format. Time to rock their world, isn't it?!

Concerning the .dwf format files being smaller than .pdf... not by my experience. I plotted .dwg files to both formats, and found the .pdf files were smaller. Had it been the other way around, I'd have had more ammunition to standardize on .dwf.


Just like PDF taking some time to grow in usage, DWF will have the same time for adoption. Many print houses have already realized the benefit of a more accurate and smaller file as have the plotter manufacturers such as Oce and HP. Thanks for the comments. Nobody wants a fatter file format with less visual fidelity not designed for the design drawings. Threre is no one size fits all format but you use what works best and for design drawings it is hands down DWF.



Concerning your smaller PDF files than DWF. I would need more details but my best guess is you did not plot them at the same settings thus the resulting smaller PDF which is definitly not the average result.


Thanks a lot for this kind of document design guide posted here. I have really found it very informative and helpful for my work today. Hope to find some more useful guides in here.

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