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22 December 2003


If any have questions on my solution for Printer Connector using DWF feel free to contact me.

Is there anyway, using HTML, to enable a user to click a hyperlink that would install a network printer? If this is possible, could you include the code to accomplish this? If you just use the server path \\server\printer you get a "page cannot be displayed error" even though the path appears correctly in the browser. Any help would be appreciated.


Absolutely you can add a printer using a hyperlink in a web page or a DWF. You need to link to the UNC path to the device. The error you are getting may be due to the printer not being shared or you are part of a network that prevents you from installing printer drivers. If you have specific questions on how Jimmy did this, see his web site and contact him at www.jtbworld.com.

I have seen many people use the method of managing printers by DWF, web pages or Visio using this method.


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